August 20, 2015

About Hariom Ashram Trust

Introduction to the Hariom Ashram Kadwapani

Hariom Ashram Kadwapani info

Hariom Ashram Kadwapani info


Hariom Ashram Trust (HOA) is a Non-Governmental Social development organization. Founded by Anupamand Giri Ji Maharaj along with Shivohum Baba in the year 2006. It looks for facilitating educational services for the underprivileged kids and poor communities across the India. It’s been a long road for Hariom Ashram since 2006 when Pujya Maharaj Shri determined to  work for the society. He starts this divine journey with working for cow protection (GAU RAKSHA) and an orphanage (GURUKUL) coupled with a primary school in GURUKUL style at Dehradun.

Broad classification of work in past decade (2006-2016)

From ground level Maharaj Ji started creating awareness.  Each and every minor contribution from society was converged to established the Hariom Ashram (Address – Kadwapani, Karbari grant, Dehradun). Working with great vigor for over a decade, today Hariom Ashram is the home to over 100 underprivileged children from whole of India and neighboring countries too.

Over the period the Hariom Ashram trust perceived and experienced various issues. From education, traditional knowledge, de-westernization, cow slaughtering , environmental issues, social awareness campaigns on various issues, vocational training programs, sex discrimination toward girl child, concept of development especially in reference to hill women and almost everything that has some impact on community’s behavior. For last 10 years, Hariom Ashram Trust has been working in with more than 25000 populations in many villages mostly in Northern India. The trust works in close contact of local community and learned that social changes need concerned efforts.

The Hariom Ashram trust has more than 10 years of working experience with different blocks of Uttrakhand and nearby areas. With the very limited resources , just 1 acre of land in Dehradun. Here the orphanage and a cow shed is established. Ashram still lacks many essential modern facilities due to lack of finances.


How Ashram manage the monetary requirements to met expenses?

Though Hariom Ashram (HOA) is registered and runs an orphanage of 100+ children and a cow shed with 90+ cows still. The Goverment support is negligible.  Whole expenditure is done by the resources and money collected from donations during the various programs of Maharaj Ji like lectures, Yoga Camps, etc.

Hariom Ashram till now is not engaged in any commercial activity, nor does it have any fixed source of income. It’s the each and every minor contribution of society pooled together to somehow met the expenses for food, education, clothing etc of children. Pujya Maharaj Ji himself led a simplest possible life. Each penny is utilized for the welfare of children and Gaushala.

Few generous people contribute monthly to ashram. Many came to ashram and make contribution by offering some service or donating in kind rather than cash. Some came to celebrate with us and offer one time meal, while some promise to arrange for the other requirement (like shoes, clothing, stationery, etc) of the children. And that’s how ashram continues to flourish with the grace of society. Polishing the lives of hundreds without being burdened on any individual/family/firm.

Aims and objectives of overall project

  • The first priority will be that no orphan children in India should feel alone and deprived. The aim is to make such class of children educated and self-reliant.
  • The Primary function will be to undertake the task of Social upliftment of the members of the weaker sections on the society.
  • To keep the target group i.e. underprivileged and orphan children as the focus of development and to promote and enlist support from all possible sources to improve the quality of life.
  • To organize courses, conferences, seminar, lectures, debates, study tours, cultural functions and associations etc. to create awareness for the need of equal treatment and upliftment of underprivileged and orphan children.
  • Promote educational, social physical and intellectual interest of the community by opening school, adult literacy centers, libraries, reading room, publication of books, monographs, pamphlets, research paper, and journal letters and through other audio-visual media like radio video etc.
  • Formulate sponsor and implement schemes and projects for the welfare of women, children handicapped, war widow and riot affected widows, and persons with disabilities.
  • Foster and develop contacts with rural development organizations, both in India and abroad for sharing knowledge, experience and technology.
  • Promote and develop the qualities of the leadership so as to quality men, women, again girls for voluntary wok in various rural developmental projects.


Our Current Prime Working Area

  • Child education, women empower – girls education
  • Yoga for better life and living
  • Vedic literature for ethics and knowledge
  • Cow protection
  • Organic and natural farming
  • vermicompost
  •  Environment conservation


Main Organisation and services of Hariom Ashram

  1. Shri Balaji Anathaly, Kadwapani, Dehradun
  2. Pujya Dadi Maa Ram Pyari Gao Seva Sadan, Kadwapani, Dehradun
  3. Hariom Shikshan Sansthan, Kadwapani, Dehradun
  4. Shivohum Ashram ,Badowala, Dehradun
  5. Shri Balaji Gurukul, Khodri Majri, Himachal pradesh
  6. Bhu-Rasika Javik Khaad (vermicompost)


  1. Shri Balaji Anathaly, Kadwapani, Dehradun

As Pujya Anupamanand Giri Ji Maharaj starts his sansyasi life, the thought of social work, international peace, and various other welfare activities came up in his mind. But because of the limited means he starts with a Gaushala with a handicapped cow, and  2 orphans. Continue on the same path, it’s his hard work, extra holiness that today there are nearly 150 children in Shri Balaji Gurukul, Hariom Ashram.

Basically Shri Balaji Gurukul is a branch of Hariom Ashram, which looks into child welfare under the guidance of Pujya Anupamand Giri Ji Maharaj. The children from various categories are accepted in this Gurukul.

The various categories of children in Shri Balaji Gurukul are –

  • who don’t have either of the parent. (orphan)
  • child whose either mother or father is alive. I.e. single parent.
  • whose parents have been divorced.
  • whose parents are unable to look after the child because of poverty or other family problem.
  • with mentally unfit parents.
  • caught by the police/child-line/any Child Care Institute.

Conclusively the child who doesn’t have any proper guardian to show the way of life is being taken up in the Ashram. Once the Child is admitted to Shri Balaji Gurukul its mandatory for him to be there until he completed his Intermediate or 18 years of age.

Aims of Shri Balaji Gurukul

Shri Balaji Gurukul has many goals for the welfare of this nation. The Main aim is to develop a ideal society. In which everybody could be safe and live happily.

  • The Aim is to make the children self-reliant.
  • To ensure the complete overall development of the child. Physically, mentally, morally, socially, etc…
  • To ensure the proper way of living to the child.
  • Encourage the creative work among children to widen their sense of thinking.
  • To make them aware of the rich Vedic culture along with modern liberal thought.
  • To teach them the Art of living along with academics.
  • Provides a family like environment to child.

Problems and challenges related to Shri Balaji Gurukul that Hariom Ashram Faces –

Since Shri Balaji Gurukul is registered child care home under Juvenile justice act, the everyday interference of the government is increasing day by day. The amount of paper work desired by govt. official is nearly out of sense.

Along with that regular investigation and raids and non-sense pointing to irregularities creates lots of distraction.

for instance:

They points that Ashram campus doesn’t have a wall around and this can cause the safety issue to the children.
Ashram doesn’t have money to construct wall around campus. Running already under debt. Although as ashram is situated near a river whose water in monsoon threatened the security of ashram. It’s the work of govt. to check river overflow that threatens security of 100 of people, but all this go un-noticed.


2. Hariom Shikshan Sansthan

Hariom Ashram is running a small school up to class 5, which is benefiting the children of orphanage. Ashram is severely lacking the school building and study equipment likes furniture’s, labs, computers, etc. Some well qualified teachers are voluntarily giving their services to the ashram against all odd.

So the ashram is aiming to build a school building first, which will fascinate and organize the Education mission of the Trust. The children will take even more interest in the studies with the equipment and won’t feel outraged from society. So the appeal is made to donors to favor this mission of Trust.

The Beginning of Hariom Shikshan Sansthan – a GURUKUL

The Hariom Shikshan Sansthan is established by the Hariom Ashram. Established as a primary school in 2011 with just 4 children of 2-3rd Standard It had made remarkable progress.  In Current session of 2016-17 there are 85 students in the school getting completely free education, books, stationary, etc.

The Gurukul is in its early age, and with the limited resources that the trust could manage educating such a big family. All the student reading in Hariom Shikshan Sansthan stay in Hariom Ashram only. The best evidence of progress is that all the students of School had passed the examination in 2015-16 academics session.


  • How Hariom Shikshan Sanstha is Different

  1. The only school where both type of education i.e. academics and Vedic is given to children.
  2. The school follows the Uttrakhand board pattern. Still Vedic traditions to develop the spiritual and aesthetic values of the children are an integral part of the curriculum.
  3. The whole daily-routine personal works are done by the individual itself. Along with the other essential skills like cooking, washing, cattle feeding, Driving, craft work, hand-craft, embroidery, computer, etc are also preached to the children.
  • Aims of Hariom Shikshan Sansthan

  1. The Aim is to make the children self-reliant and ensure that the education imparted to the children will be utilized for the development of nation.
  2. Encourage the creative work among children to widen their sense of thinking.
  3. To make them aware of the Vedic culture along with modern liberal thought.
  4. To teach them the Art of living along with academics.


  • Rules And Regulation (regarding leave, fees, uniform)

If the Parents are found liable, they could be ask to bring the 2 sets of mentioned uniform. The facility is free for orphans or unviable parents.

The children living in ashram are the only one to study in Hariom Shikshan Sansthan.


Boys – Yellow Kurta and white trousers

White shoes, white socks.

Girls – yellow and white salwar suit.

*For winters the same uniform had to be followed,  however woolen inner sets can be used to prevent cold. However 1 Track Suits of Ashram will be provided to all student

*Use of any type of cosmetic item is strictly prohibited for both boys and girls.

Girl need to tie the hairs properly.


  • Leave:

Only 5 leave could be granted to the child in one year.

The only person who had admitted the ward could take him on the leave.

*Once the child is admitted to the ashram the education up to 12th class is compulsory. If parents/guardian wants to take the child back in between the session the amount of rupees 2000/month from the date of admission would be taken from them. However after 12th it’s all free to take your child but not in between.


  • Requests to Parents/Guardians

Parents/Guardians are requested to attend the Parents Teachers meeting to discuss any matter regarding the progress of their ward.

Parents are not allowed to meet the child in School hours moreover they had to take the appointment from the Hariom Ashram management to meet the child.

Inquiries should be made at school office not to or through teachers/volunteers.

3. Pujya Dadi Maa Ram Pyari Gao Seva Sadan

Pujya Dadi Maa Ram Pyari Gaoshala was marked to be the start of working of Hariom Ashram in 2008.  Anupamanand Giri ji Maharaj’s decent love with animals was to be credited for this. Now there are more than 100 cow family members present in the Gaoshala of ashram.

This Gaoshala Currently has more than 100 cows which are not been look after by the society because of various factors.

  • Category of Cows in Pujya Dadi Maa Ram Pyari Gaoshala

  1. The cows which are given up by farmers because of various reasons.
  2. The cows captured by police and NGO’s from Slaughter houses.

The meaning is that all the cows in Pujya Dadi Maa Ram Pyari Gaoshala are kept without any financial motive. This is also a work for the animal rights protection. Most of the cow in Pujya Dadi Maa Ram Pyari Gaoshala do not give milk.

  • How the Expenses met

There is the expenditure of nearly 8000 rupees per day on average. All the expenses are met by the contribution of society and the hard work of Pujya Anupamanand Giri ji Maharaj and the children of Ashram. The group of children engage themself in the activity of Gaoshala. To fed cow, to make them bath, to clean the gaoshala, to bring grass from field, to apply medicines to cows, all the work is done by the group of children residing in Hariom Ashram and few volunteers along with couple of adults employed to look after Gaoshala.

Currently no commercial activity had been developed in the ashram to develop the source of earning. The only way is the donation from Gao Bhakt.

Hariom Ashram is making vermicompost from cow dung though till now it’s not commercially sold.

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