August 20, 2015

About Hariom Ashram Trust


Introduction to the Hariom Ashram 

Anupamanand Giri Ji Maharaj, Founder Hariom Ashram TrustHariom Ashram Trust (HOA) is a Non-Governmental Social development organization, founded by Anupamand Giri Ji Maharaj along with Sivohum Baba in the year 2004, for facilitating rights based developmental interventions and educational services for the poor communities across the India. It’s been a long road for Hariom Ashram since 2004 when an informal group of young people came together voluntarily to fight against social injustice and improve quality of life in and around Dehradun. With no financial assistance Hariom Ashram(HOA) went to interfere and initiate things just for its own learning among the poor communities of district Dehradun and nearby places.

Over the period the Hariom Ashram trust perceived and experienced various issues like education, traditional knowledge, de-westernization, cow slaughtering , vocational training programs, sex discrimination toward girl child, concept of development especially in reference to hill women and almost everything that has some impact on community’s behavior. For last 10 years, Hariom Ashram Trust having its base in Dehradun has been working in with more than 25000 population in many villages mostly in Northern India. The trust works in close contact of local community and learned that social changes need concerned efforts.

Though Hariom Ashram (HOA) is registered and runs an orphanage of 100+ children and a cow shed with 90+ cows still there is negligible support from government.  Whole expenditure is done by the resources and money collected from donations during the various programs of Maharaj Ji like lectures, Yoga Camps, etc.

The Hariom Ashramtrust has more than 10 years of working experience with different blocks of Uttrakhand and nearby areas. It has 5 acre of land in Dehradun and Uttarkashi, where the orphanage and a cow shed is established.

In Dehradun Branch nearby area belongs to reserved forest of India so it is utilized for the various Cows activity, though the forest deparment don’t give any assistance or support from its side. There is an office within it along with one field office in Preet vihar, Niranjanpur, Dehradun. Total 18 volunteers are dedicating their complete services to the Ashram and cow shed, along with Anupmanand Giri Ji Maharaj.


Our Goals:-

  1. Childrens studying in Hariom Ashram's Gurukul

    Childrens studying in Hariom Ashram’s Gurukul

    Improvement of already established Residential and Boarding school from class 1st to 10th for quality education in Hariom Ashram. (Basically to develop an infrastructure for an high-tech Gurukul)

  2. Improvement of the Orphanage with capacity of nearly 1000 children.
  3. Improvement of cow shed with capacity of more than 500+ cows.
  4. Establishment of a vocational training center for the women and youth for the prospect of bright future.


Aims and objectives of overall project

  1. The first priority will be that no orphan children in Uttrakhand should feel like alone. The aim is to make such class of children educated and self-reliant.
  2. The Primary function will be to undertake the task of Social upliftment of the members of the weaker sections on the society.
  3. To keep the target group i.e. weaker section community, orphan child’s, socially, economically backward classes and minority particularly in rural and untouched areas as the focus of development and to promote and enlist support from all possible sources to improve the quality of life.
  4. To establish & provide information, counsel and assistance to teaching institution in the form of research fellowship, travels grants, library books, science and technology equipments and to act as a coordinating institution for promotion of socialism, social equality, peaceful co-existence, democratic communal hormonal, and like ideologies.gurukul of Hariom Ashra
  5. To organize courses, conferences, seminar, lectures, debates, study tours, cultural functions and associations etc. to discriminate progressive ideas.
  6. To promote educational, social physical and intellectual interest of the community by opening school, adult literacy centers, libraries, reading room, publication of books, monographs, pamphlets, research paper, journal letters and through other audio-visual media like radio video etc.
  7. To formulate sponsor and implement schemes and projects for the welfare of women, children handicapped, war widow and riot affected widows, and persons with disabilities.
  8. To assist and promote the transfer of appropriate technology the transfer of appropriate technology to the forget groups to combat poverty by up-gradation of their skills.
  9. To foster and develop contacts with rural development organizations, both in India and abroad for sharing knowledge, experience and technology.
  10. To promote and develop the qualities of the leadership so as to quality men, women, again girls for voluntary wok in various rural developmental projects.

Hariom Shikshan Sansthan

Hariom Ashram is running a small school upto class 8, which is benefiting the chidren of orphanage and local areas. Ashram is severly lacking the school building and study equipment likes furnitures, books, labs, computers, etc. Though some well qualified teachers are voluntarily giving their services to the ashram against all odd.

So the ashram is aiming to build a school buiding first, that will fascinate and organize the Education mission of the Trust. With the equipments the children will take even more interest in the studies. So the appeal is made to donors to favor the mission of Trust.



At last thanks for showing interest to read all the description of Hariom Ashram.  It will be our pleasure if you visit the Ashram. Please visit it and accordingly give your precious contribution to such nobel work.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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