September 2, 2015

Hariom Shikshan Sansthan

The Beginning of Hariom Shikshan Sansthan

The Hariom Shikshan Sansthan is established by the Hariom Ashram Trust with Pujya Maharaj Shri as Manager and Sivohum Baba as president of Trust. Established as a primary school in 2011 with just 4 children of 2-3rd Standard Hariom Shikshan Sansthan had made remarkable progress and in session 2014-15 it had become a Junior high school with 72 students. In Current session of 2015-16 there are 130 students in the school getting completly free education, books, stationary, etc.Maharaj ji teaching in Hariom Shikshan sansthan

Hariom Shikshan Sansthan is in its early age, and with the limited resources that the trust could manage educating such a big family. All the student styding in Hariom Shikshan Sansthan stay in Hariom Ashram only. The best evidence of progress is that all the students of School had passed the examination in 2014-15 academics session.


How Hariom Shikshan Sanstha is Different

The only school where both type of education i.e. academics and Vedic is given to children.

The school follows the Uttrakhand board pattern. Still vedic traditions to hone the spiritual and aesthetic values of the children are an integral part of the curriculum.

The whole daily-routine personal works are done by the individual itself. Along with the other essential skills like cooking, washing, cattle feeding, Driving, craft work, steching, embroidery, etc are also preached to the children.



Children playing in Hariom Shikshan SansthanAims of Hariom Shikshan Sansthan

  • The Aim is to make the children self-reliant and ensure that the education is given in right hands.
  • Encourage the creative work among children to widen their sense of thinking.
  • To make them aware of the vedic culture and to prepare them as such they could also do the same in future.
  • To teach them the Art of living along with academics.


Rules And Regulation (regarding leave, fees, uniform)

If the Parents are found liable, they could be ask to bring the 2 sets of mentioned uniform. The facility is free for orphans or unliable parents.

The children living in ashram are the only one to study in Hariom Shikshan Sansthan.


Boys – Yellow Kurta and white trousers

white shoes, white socks.

Girls – yellow and white salwar suit.

*For winters the same uniform had to be followed,  however wollen inner sets can be used to prevent cold. However 1 Track Suits of Ashram will be provided to all student

*Use of any type of cosmetic item is strictly prohibited for both boys and girls.

Hair Policy – Boys can’t keep hair up to highschool studies accept a ‘choti’ at brahmrandh.

Girl need to tie the hairs properly.



Only 5 leave could be granted to the child in one year.

The only person who had admitted the ward could take him on the leave.

*Once the child is admitted to the ashram the education upto 12th class is compulsory. If parents/guardian wants to take the child back in between the session the amount of rupees 2000/month from the date of admission would be taken from them. However after 12th its all free to take your child but not in between.Small class session in Hariom Shikshan Sansthan


Requests to Parents/Guardians

  • Parents are requested to attend the Parents Teachers meeting to discuss any matter regarding the progress of their ward.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet the child in School hours. They must take the appointment from the Hariom Ashram management team to meet the child.
  • Inquiries should be made at school office not to or through teachers/volunteers.

The information of any new type of course will be sent to the parents. If you feel the need of the course to your child inform us immediately

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