September 2, 2015

Shri Balaji Anathalay (Orphange)

Shri Balaji Anathalay

Children playing in Hariom Shikshan Sansthan, Hariom Ashram

As Pujya Anupamanand Giri Ji Maharaj starts his sansyasi life, the thought of social work, international peace, and various other welfare activity came up in his mind. But because of the limited means he starts with a gaosala with a handicapped cow, and a 2 orphans. Continue on the same path, its his hard work, extra holiness that today there are nearly 150 children in Shri Balaji Anathalay, Hariom Ashram.

Basically Shri Balaji Anathalay is a branch of Hariom Ashram, that look after the child matter. The children from varoius catergory are accepted in this Anathalay.

The various categories of children in Shri Balaji Anathalay are –

  1. The child who don’t have either of the parent. (orphan)
  2. The child whose either mother or father is alive. i.e. single parent.
  3. The child whose parents have been divorced.
  4. The child whose parents are unable to look after the child because of poverty or other family problem.
  5. The child with mentally unfit parents.
  6. The child caught by the police/child-line/any Child Care Institute.

conclusively the child who don’t have any proper guardian to show the way of life is being taken up in the Ashram. Once the Child is admitted to Shri Balaji Anathalay its mandatory for him to be there untill he completed his Intermediate.

Aims Of Shri Balaji Anathalay

Small class session in Hariom Shikshan Sansthan, Hariom Ashram

Shri Balaji Anathalay have many goals for the welfare of this nation. The Main aim is to develop a ideal society. In which everybody could be safe and live happily.

  • The Aim is to make the children self-reliant.
  • To ensure the complete overall development of the child. Physically, mentally, morally, socially, etc..
  • To ensure the proper way of living to the child.
  • Encourage the creative work among children to widen their sense of thinking.
  • To make them aware of the vedic culture and to prepare them as such they could also do the same in future.
  • To teach them the Art of living along with academics.

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